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Pizzabaker Kimmage Summer Sizzler Pizza Pack

PIZZABAKER SUMMER SIZZLER PACK Introducing the Pizzabaker Summer Sizzler Pack. Summer has finally arrived and we are so excited!! Pizzabaker Kimmage have created the ultimate summer sizzler pack for you to enjoy delicious pizza and loads more with your friends and family! Summer is here and it’s time to make the most of the lovely […]

Taste the difference at Pizzabaker Kimmage

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE AT PIZZABAKER KIMMAGE At Pizzabaker Kimmage we love making the tastiest pizzas for our customers. That’s why we make our dough fresh in-store, every day. Every one of our pizzas is lovingly created using the freshest ingredients so you have a truly delicious pizza to enjoy. Our Pizzabaker staff start early in […]